In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Health Psychology
Increasing the quality of sleep and life by brain electrical stimulation in patients with painful diabetic neuropathy

Ahmad Alipour; Roghayeh Mohammadi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , March 2023, , Pages 27-40

  Objective: Painful diabetic neuropathy is a major complication of chronic diabetes with a significant negative impacton the quality of sleep and quality of life in diabetic patients. This study was conducted to determine the single andcombined effect of the primary motor cortex (M1) and left Dorsolateral ...  Read More

Structural Model of Women’s Sexual Health Based on Alexithymia, Differentiation of Self, and Gender Roles Mediating by Social Exchange Styles

Masomeh Tadris Tabrizi; Majid Saffarinia; Mahnaz Aliakbari; Ahmad Alipor

Volume 5, Issue 3 , July 2022, , Pages 17-34

  Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the structural model of the relationship between alexithymia, Differentiation of Self, and gender roles in women’s sexual function with the mediation of social exchange styles. Method: This research was a descriptive correlational study. The ...  Read More

Evaluation of Compliance with Preventive Behaviors of Corona Disease Based on Health Belief Model

Sousan Alizadehfard; Ahmad Alipor

Volume 4, Issue 3 , September 2021, , Pages 19-28

  Objectives: Following the pandemic of corona disease in Iran and around the world, the most important goal of health policies focused on compliance with prevention behaviors, and its evaluating. One of the most effective model based on social psychology is Health Belief Model that has been employed in ...  Read More

The role of social support in suppressing the effect of job stress on personality traits

abbas roozbehani; Morteza Tarkhan; Ahmad Alipour; Majid Saffarinia

Volume 3, Issue 1 , March 2020, , Pages 79-90

  Objective: the present study aimed at studying the relationship between job stress and personality traits and also if the effect of job stress on personality traits was moderated by social support. Method: The populations consisted of offshore personnel working in Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) ...  Read More

Cognitive Remediation in Diabetics with Combining Mindfulness-based Relaxation and Trans-cranial Electrical Stimulation

Ahmad Alipor; Gholam Hossein Javanmard; Rogayeh Mohammadi Garegozlo

Volume 2, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 31-46

  Objective: The present research aimed to determine the pure and combined effect of both techniques of mindfulness based-relaxation (MBR) and Transcranial Electrical Simulation (tCES) on decreasing prospective and retrospective memory errors and failure of executive functions of patients with type 2 diabetes. ...  Read More

The Effect of Coping Therapy on Immunological Indicators in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

Alireza Aghayousefi; Ahmad Alipour; Nasim Sharif

Volume 1, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 19-28

  The studies since the second half of the 20th century have revealed the effect of stress on the heart and vessels with mediating neurological indicators and techniques of dysfunctional coping techniques. They also have shown that stress management and the improvement of coping techniques improve the ...  Read More